Schoolyard Habitat

at Walgrove Elementary School

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Weeders’ Rewards

IMG_0306 IMG_0301 IMG_0309

Good things come to those who weed. When you get down low, you can see the smallest events taking place in the Wildlands. Yesterday, we saw a Monarch just out of its chrysalis. See it above catching its breath before its first flight. Also observed lupine  seeds in the early stages of germination.

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Rain brings new life

IMG_8575 IMG_8573 IMG_8574

The Wildlands is teeming with new growth; the California poppies are popping up all over the place. Everywhere you look, there are seedlings pushing up through the ground. The meadow, dry and burned out only a few weeks ago, is now incredibly green and lush. Plants are blooming in celebration of the first winter rains.

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Wildlands Gets a Drink

IMG_7944 IMG_7946

Natives don’t need much water to survive, but they need a drink every now and then to subsist. Despite the drought, the plants–for the most part–seem to be thriving. There are poppies in the meadow; there are grasses and ground covers who started out no bigger than my thumb that are now spreading out nicely and truly taking hold. If you stop by in the early morning, you might catch a black phoebe or a few frolicking monarch butterflies. Come by at recess time and you’ll see kids sharing secrets in the back corner or small groups of young citizen scientists scouting for milkweed bugs.

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UCLA Volunteers at Walgrove

IMG_7393 IMG_7361

IMG_7378 IMG_7372


Today four busloads of UCLA student volunteers (100+) came to Walgrove today to help beautify the campus. Groups of students washed walls, mulched trees, weeded the orchard, and did countless other tasks to improve the facility and grounds. We are so grateful for all of their volunteer energy and enthusiasm; this style of workday is such a great benefit for our school. We want to wish them a great school year and many happy returns to Walgrove.